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Kegel Exercises for Women: Benefits and Importance Explained

Women commonly face issues with weakened pelvic floor muscles, and Kegel exercises can bring several important benefits...

Postpartum Belly: Is It a Concern

Having a belly bulge that still makes you look pregnant months after childbirth is not just a matter of residual pregnancy weight. You may have...

Exercising after Giving Birth

Exercising after pregnancy can help you get back into shape. But when is the right time to start...

8 Confinement Myths Debunked

What are some common confinement myths you can ignore? Our O&G specialist separates fact from fiction...

Coping With Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression

Feel down after having a baby? It’s normal, and here are some tips to help you manage it...

Family Matters: Welcoming a Newborn

The months following a baby's birth can be challenging. Here are some simple ways fathers can play an active part in supporting new mothers...