Adult vaccinations

What vaccines are available for adults?

As an adult Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident, it’s recommended you follow the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) established by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Following it will ensure you and your loved ones are continually protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Learn more about why adults should get vaccinated.

National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS)

The National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) safeguards public health by recommending specific vaccinations to protect adults against potential diseases.

The recommended vaccines and schedules can vary based on age, health status, and other risk factors, ensuring tailored protection for each individual:

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Vaccine18 – 26 years27 – 64 years≥ 65 years
Influenza (INF)1 dose annually or per season#1 dose annually or per season*
Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13)1 dose#*
Pneumococcal polysaccharide (PPSV23)1 or 2 doses (depending on indication)#1 dose*
Tetanus, reduced diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap)1 dose during each pregnancy#
Human papillomavirus (HPV2 or HPV4)3 doses^ (Females) 
Hepatitis B (HepB)3 doses^
Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)2 doses^
Varicella (VAR)2 doses^

* Recommended for adults who meet age requirement
# Recommended for adults with specific medical condition or indication
^ Recommended for adults who have not been previously vaccinated, or lack evidence of past infection or immunity


How much do adult vaccinations cost?

Depending on your eligibility, subsidies are available to help alleviate the out-of-pocket cost of getting vaccinated.

Healthier SG

Eligible Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents enrolled under Healthier SG are entitled to fully subsidised nationally recommended vaccines under NAIS at their enrolled HSG clinic.

This means that Healthier SG participants do not need to pay for any of the vaccinations covered under the NAIS.

CHAS GP clinics

Singaporean adults who meet the eligibility criteria, which include age, gender, and vaccination history, or those who have medical conditions/indications as specified in the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS), can enjoy anywhere from $35 – $125 worth of subsidies for nationally recommended vaccinations under the Subsidised Vaccine List (SVL).

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Vaccine*#Patient’s fee cap at CHAS GP clinics (for Singaporeans)
Pioneer GenerationMerdeka Generation / CHAS Blue / CHAS OrangeCHAS Green / Non-CHAS
Influenza (trivalent or quadrivalent) (INF)$9$18$35
Pneumococcal conjugate 13-valent (PCV13)$16$31$63
Pneumococcal polysaccharide 23-valent (PPSV23)$11$22$43
Tetanus, reduced diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap)$10$20$40
Human papillomavirus types 16 and 18 (HPV2)-$23$45
Hepatitis B (HepB)$9$19$38
Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)$9$18$35
Varicella (VAR)$11$23$45

*Refer to the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) for recommended populations based on age, gender, medical conditions/indications and vaccination history.
#Applies to certain vaccine brands. Please refer to the MOH Website for the latest list of subsidised vaccine brands.

Where can I get vaccinated?

Find a Parkway Shenton clinic near you and call us to confirm if your preferred vaccine is available.

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Why should adults get vaccinated?

Getting vaccinated as an adult can help you:

  • Build continued protection. Our immunity can weaken over time. Adult vaccines act as a 'booster' to reinforce our body's defences against diseases.
  • Guard against new threats. As we age, we become susceptible to different illnesses. Vaccinations can protect us from diseases that are more common in adults, like shingles or pneumonia.
  • Travel safely. Planning a trip abroad? Some destinations have diseases that aren’t common in Singapore. Getting vaccinated can help you travel without worrying about catching these illnesses.
  • Protect loved ones. By getting vaccinated, you protect yourself and reduce the chance of passing diseases to friends and family, especially those who can't be vaccinated.
  • Protect the wider community. Widespread vaccination can prevent outbreaks in the community. By getting vaccinated, you're doing your part in keeping everyone safer.

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