How Heart Attack Signs Differ in Men & Women

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How Heart Attack Signs Differ in Men & Women

Last updated: Thursday, January 11, 2018 | 3 min reading time

What are heart attacks?

Heart attacks occur when blood cannot flow to the heart due to a blocked artery.

What are some common risk factors of heart attack?

How does it feel like to have a heart attack?

How do heart attack signs differ in men and women?

Men face the following symptoms:

Whereas women experience some slightly different symptoms:

Women are also more likely to have a condition called broken heart syndrome, where extreme emotional stress leads to heart failure. In general, women also experience heart attacks 10 years later than men.

What can you do for better heart health today?

For better heart health, lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced and nutritious diet. And, don't forget to schedule regular health screenings to detect risk early.

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