Is It Safe to Fly While Pregnant?

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Is It Safe to Fly While Pregnant?

Last updated: Friday, May 7, 2021 | 4 min reading time

For some, flying can be a stressful experience and if you are flying while pregnant, it certainly doesn’t make it any easier. In this article, we will go through tips on how to stay safe when flying while pregnant.

When is it safe to travel while pregnant?

Generally, it is considered safe to fly before week 36 of pregnancy if you have a healthy pregnancy. The most optimal time in your pregnancy to fly is during your second trimester (week 13 – 28). During this period, the morning sickness and fatigue you have been feeling in the first trimester are usually gone, and your baby bump is probably still small enough for you to get around with ease. It is also after the time in your pregnancy where the risk of having a miscarriage decreases.

Nonetheless, if you are pregnant, check with your doctor before you fly.

1. Check the airline’s policies

Most airlines will not allow you to board the plane if you are more than 36 weeks pregnant. Check with your airline for their pregnant flyer policies before booking the tickets. After 36 weeks, you will likely need to produce an official doctor’s note to be cleared for flying.

Ensure that you have insurance policies as well. As a pregnant woman, you should have the necessary coverage in case of a medical emergency. This is to make sure that both you and your baby are protected while you are in another country.

2. Before flying

Before flying pregnant medication
Prior to boarding your flight, you should have already seen a doctor to clear you for air travel. This is particularly important if you have any long-term medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes.

Be sure to pack the following to manage the likely symptoms you will experience in the air:

3. Onboard your flight

Onboard the plane
Here are some things to consider during pregnancy while on your flight:

Flying internationally

Travelling internationally can be especially risky for a pregnant woman. You will want to avoid giving birth in a foreign country for all the unnecessary paperwork and citizenship complications that may entail.

Don't fly internationally if you are:

Your doctor would likely advise you not to travel if your destination is:

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