Preconception Health Screening

What is a preconception health screening?

A preconception health screening is a check-up to ensure that you’re in the best health condition before trying for a baby. Preconception care has become more important as many couples defer childbearing till they are in their 30s. For couples who plan to start a family, you and your partner's health and lifestyles will need to be in optimal condition.

A preconception screening gives you an opportunity to make behavioural and social changes to your lifestyle, as well as resolve any existing health issues. It is an essential step to achieving a good pregnancy outcome and a healthy baby.

Why do you need a preconception health screening?

A preconception health check-up enables you and your doctor to make informed choices and prepare for any potential risks during your pregnancy.

The results of your preconception tests will also help to guide you on your family planning options.

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