Bringing healthcare to you

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or have elderly parents with mobility issues, we understand that it can be a challenge getting to a clinic sometimes. With Parkway Shenton’s home care services, we’ll bring the clinic to you, so you get hassle-free medical care directly in the comfort of your home.

homecare services
homecare services

Personalised and private care

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, our dedicated home care team will call you to conduct a phone assessment. This helps us better understand your condition and put together a personalised care plan for you.

Our experienced nurses and medical professionals will then visit you and bring along the necessary equipment and medication to tend to your medical needs at home.

Looking for quality home care services in Singapore?

What does home care cover?

Our home care services range from wound care to home health screenings, vaccinations and chronic disease management.

Nursing services

  • Wound care (e.g. post-surgery wounds, bed sores, malignant wounds, diabetic wounds, pressure ulcers)
  • Stoma care (Coming soon)
  • Nasogastric (NG) tube insertion / replacement (Coming soon)
  • Urinary catheter insertion (Coming soon)
  • Intravenous (IV) ​​​​infusion therapy (Coming soon)
  • Peritoneal dialysis site care
  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Phlebotomy

Preventive and wellness services

  • Home health screening
  • Vaccination

Chronic disease management

  • Diabetic Retinal Photography (DRP) (Coming soon)

Doctor house call

How much does home care cost?

At least 3 days’ advance notice is required for appointment bookings. After the pre-screening call, you can choose to make pre-payment via email (QR code) or at the clinic if you were referred by a Parkway Shenton doctor.

Our home care services ​​are priced at:

  • Wound care package: From $140
  • Phlebotomy: $76
  • ​Home health screening*:
    • Basic: $90
    • Silver: $121
    • Gold: $164
    • Platinum: $272
  • Doctor house call^: $356 (weekday) / $416 (weekend)

* Exclude doctor’s review
^ Excludes consumables, medication and surcharges.
All prices are inclusive of 8% GST.

Who should get home care?

You should consider home care if you or a loved one require regular medical attention or follow-up care, but are unable to physically travel to a clinic or hospital.

Home care is suitable for:

  • Individuals with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, who require ongoing monitoring and management.
  • Seniors who have difficulty travelling to see a doctor due to mobility issues or other health conditions.
  • Patients recovering from surgery or illnesses that require skilled wound care, nursing services, or physical therapy.

​​What are the benefits of home care?

​Home care allows you to receive personalised, convenient and cost-effective medical care at home, cutting out the time and stress of having to travel and wait for appointments.

With home care, you can:

  • ​Save time travelling to and from clinics or hospitals.
  • ​Receive regular treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • ​Get prompt and efficient follow-up care by trained medical professionals, which is especially important to aid recovery and reduce the risk of wound infection.

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Comprehensive family care
Comprehensive family care

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Connection to IHH network

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Singapore’s oldest GP group

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