Need a COVID-19 test?

At Parkway Shenton, we offer the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swab test, antigen rapid test (ART), as well as COVID-19 vaccination.

Covid-19 Tests

Types of tests available

PCR test

If you’re travelling to a country that requires COVID-19 PCR testing prior to departure, our clinics can help administer the test. Depending on the travel requirements of your destination country, you can opt for either a nasopharyngeal swab or a saliva-based PCR test.

Verified results will be ready within 24 hours, or within 8 hours if you opted for the express PCR test.

Our COVID-19 PCR tests are priced at:

  • Pre-departure PCR test (nasopharyngeal swab)
    • Normal: $90 (with GST)
    • Express: $238 (with GST)
  • Pre-departure PCR test (saliva-based)
    • Normal: $90 (with GST)

Prices do not include cost of serology test. Please check the serology test requirements of your destination country.


ART testing is suitable for both pre-departure testing before travel and regular testing before attending an event.

Each ART result will be ready within 30 minutes and is valid for 24 hours.

Our COVID-19 ART tests are priced at:

  • Pre-departure ART: $33* (with GST)
  • Regular ART: $28 (with GST)

* Includes digital travel credentials issued by Accredify

Travelling soon or simply want to stay safe with regular testing?

Get tested
Consult a Parkway Shenton doctor online through the MyHealth360 app

Vaccination is our primary defence

Even if our bodies have built some resistance against certain COVID-19 strains over time, we may still be vulnerable to others. This underlines the importance of getting vaccinated regularly to keep you and those around you safe.


Saliva-based PCR testing is available at the following clinics:

Please call the clinics to make an appointment for saliva-based PCR testing.

Yes, you can. You may wish to opt for the express PCR test to ensure the test results will be ready in time.

Do remember to check the testing window requirements of your destination country and allocate adequate time to take and receive the test results before your flight.

For standard nasal swab PCR test , your test results will be emailed to you within 24 hours. You are advised to print this for reference during your travel.

For express PCR test, you will be informed about your test results within 8 hours , depending on when the test was taken. Your results will be ready by:

  • 6pm on the same day if you took the test before 10am.
  • 11.59pm on the same day if you took the test between 10am – 3pm.
  • If you are taking the test after 3pm and would like to receive results on the same day, please opt for Rapid Pre-departure COVID-19 PCR Test at our affiliated hospitals’ A&E clinics via the booking link above.

For standard saliva-based PCR test, you will be informed about your test results within 24 hours. Please arrange for supervised collection at the clinic.

There is no special preparation needed for the nasal swab PCR test.

To prepare for the saliva-based PCR test, you are advised to follow these instructions 1 hour before sample collection:

  • Do not eat or drink. Sipping water is allowed.
  • Do not brush your teeth or use mouthwash.
  • Do not smoke or chew gum.

HealthCert is a framework that was co-created by Accredify, the Ministry of Health, GovTech Singapore, Temasek, and Affinidi as part of the Singapore government’s plan for a safe reopening of the economy. Accredify uses it as a template to issue healthcare documents such as digital COVID-19 swab results.

If you face any issues with your test result, please email or call the Accredify 24-hour hotline at 3138 5580.

Once your test results are ready, our clinic will send an email within 24 hours to your registered email address. Please check your junk mail if you are unable to find it in your inbox.

The email will contain 3 items:

  • A PDF copy of the results memo
  • An Accredify HealthCert file
    • Patients can save this HealthCert file and upload it onto the Accredify website to view their results memo.
  • A unique QR code linking to your HealthCert file
    • Test results can be viewed by scanning the QR code.

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